"Inspiration For Life's Journey"

As human beings, if we truly want to make the most of our lives, it is essential to be inspired. “Inspiration is a potent fuel that kindles the light of our existence”. Inspiration empowers our mind, body and emotions and fortunately for us, it can be accessed in many different ways.

"Inspiration For Life's Journey" is my heartfelt offering, and one that I hope will make a very positive contribution in your life.

The book is printed on gloss paper and consists of over 500 inspiring messages, symbolic poems and many full colour poetry and artwork pages.

The visionary artwork contained in the book is from Teka Luttrell of the Soul Connection Network, and also Belinda Green. It is an honour to feature their amazing artwork within the project, and I am very grateful for their involvement.

I would like to dedicate this project to Jack and Jean Simmons, Jason Harms, my loving parents (Jenny and Colin), my Brother and Sister (Tony and Belinda), my beautiful Niece’s and Nephew’s (Leila, Callum, Savannah, Indigo and Jonah), to the students and families of the Integrated Martial Arts/Development Academy.

And also a special expression of appreciation to Maridol for sharing her inner wisdom, love and kindness with me throughout this process of co-creation. And finally a note of heartfelt gratitude to all of my kindred friends who are sharing with me upon this path of experience, self-development and learning.

Thank you all for Being a very special inspiration in my life.

With infinite gratitude and love eternal…

~ Michael Green

۩ As well as being available at any of the Integrated Academy classes, the Inspiration For Life's Journey book is now available online.
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