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The Integrated Development Academy

“Let’s make the most of this life.
How can we support each other as individuals
and how can we work together as a team...
to bring out the best in ourselves and each other?”

The Integrated Martial Arts Academy was established on the 29th of October 2002 in Burrum Heads, Queensland. The creation of this academy has been founded upon the empowering virtues and qualities developed within the Martial Arts and throughout life. Along the pathway of their involvement, each participant is encouraged and supported on a progressive journey of inner strength, courage and heartfelt determination.

Fortunately throughout my life I have been influenced by many good people who have helped and encouraged me towards my goal of opening up an Academy of Martial Arts. When I was five years old my brother Tony and I were given our first set of boxing gloves by our father who trained us and guided us together during those very important early stages of experience and development.

As well as gaining the ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones, I have always remembered my fathers strong emphasis throughout our training on personal strength, determination, courage and towards a persevering & "never give up" attitude. It was during this time that we were also shown the important value of mutual respect and to always strive to bring out the best in one another.

From that initial time of training and learning I continued throughout the years to be encouraged and inspired by the good virtues and life philosophies that are held within the Martial Arts in all of its myriad forms. I feel fortunate to have been able to share time with many great teachers (and fellow students) who helped me to learn techniques and principles from arts such as Muay Thai, Hwa Rang Do, Zen Do Kai, Kyokushin Kai and Aikido.

Within this journey I have been introduced to some great role models, friends and mentors that have all shared their inspiration and personal strengths with me. One of the most monumental of these was my Hwa Rang Do instructor and good friend Lionel Graham. Lionel's manner of sharing his Martial Arts ability and knowledge with others is something that I have been continually guided by and influenced by during my years of training and teaching.

In October of 1996 I ended up moving to live at Marcoola Beach on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. It wasn't long until I was drawn towards a small eclectic Martial Arts system which was simply named the Maroochydore Martial Arts Club.

I have many great memories of training at this club and it was always uplifting to walk across the bridge over the Maroochy river to get to the training hall. This club was created in 1984 by Kevin Wormington. It was at the Maroochydore Martial Arts Club that I trained with Kev for 6 years in which time I progressively worked my way forward to a graded level of 3rd degree black belt.

Mick & Kev & Zane

I was lucky enough at this stage to also spend some time in Japan where as well as competing in a Martial Arts event, I was able to find some important time to reflect on my journey and to listen to my true inner voice. Upon my return to the Maroochydore club Kev helped me to really find my calling as a Martial Arts instructor and it was due to his constant support and encouragement that I was able to really bring the best out of myself and others throughout our countless training sessions together.

In October of 2002 I moved to live in the Burrum Heads area of the Fraser Coast and after some shared planning, guidance and help from my family and friends I was able to open up the doors of a Martial Arts Club... the Integrated Martial Arts Academy :)

Academy Grading, March 2003

Academy Grading, November 2003

Our Academy's motto is "Strength And Courage", and we focus predominantly upon unity, friendship and determination so as to inspire the best in one another throughout our integrated system of Martial Arts training and self-development.

Academy Grading, december 2006


In 2004 the Integrated Pro MMA team was also formed.

Integrated MMA


Matt Cain, Title Win

Pro MMA Team- The Integrated Martial Arts Pro MMA Team was trained by Dan Higgins and Adrian Pang. Team Manager and Strength and Conditioning Trainer Tony Green worked with Dan and Adrian in ensuring their Champions had the best preparation possible.

Tony Green, XFC

Adrian Pang, WR Title

Kyle Noke's WR Title

Dan is widely considered the number 1 no gi grappler and MMA Trainer in the country with constant improvement under coach Greg Jacksons whilst training in the US. Originally Dan and Adrian provided the Integrated MMA classes out of Ian Jacobs Powerhouse Gym at Stafford in Brisbane and trained some of Australia's best MMA fighters including Australian Title holders Kyle Noke, Adrian Pang, Matt Cain, Korey Gibson, Mick Mortimer and Mandy Stewart.

Integrated MMA

The Integrated team has always been regarded as family with coaches and managers focused on encouraging personal growth and MMA success amongst all teammates. Our Team prides ourselves with our conduct in and outside of the fighting arena and we continually strive to bring out the best in each other.

As well as the phenomenal submission wrestling skills of Danny Higgins and all-round abilities of Adrian Pang, the Integrated MMA team has utilised the best trainers in their specialised areas such as: Ian Mellor-Wrestling, Nugget McNaught and Steve Compton-Muay Thai. We have worked hard to gain a solid sponsorship base including: Fairtex, Redbak, and VAS.TV.
Sponsors such as Fairtex give Integrated fighters the opportunity to train in Thailand on a regular basis at the world renowned Fairtex Muay Thai Camp

The Integrated MMA facility in Brisbane has grown and expanded in many ways and is more recently known as Integrated MMA HQ. Adrian Pang (with support from his family and team mates) has continued to surge forward with Strength and Courage and literally helps hundreds of people each week on their path of self-development and personal growth.

Rob Giuffrida has also recently opened Integrated MMA & Fitness in the Sunshine Coast. The facility is based in the Bokarina area and is a great place to train for people of all experience levels and personal goals.


From 2006 the Integrated Martial Arts Academy spread its
wings further in the creation of the

Integrated Development Academy

This expansion of the Academy provides an even wider array of opportunity
towards an individual's journey of Personal Growth and Self-Development:

Martial Arts Training Classes
Weights/Strength Training
Health, Fitness & Nutrition
Inspiration & Motivation
Spiritual Awareness
Chi Energy Connection & Healing
Meditation & Yoga
Self-Development Programs & Courses


Academy Award Presentations 2008

A great part of the continuing journey has been to provide opportunities for dedicated students of the Integrated Academy to become registered instructors through the Martial Arts Industry Association. Much respect to individuals such as Tahnee MacKenzie, Lockie Kendall, Joshua Seedsman, Dale MacKenzie, Joel Horsley, Chep Krummel and Greg Atzori who have all stepped forward with strength and courage in this direction.

* And now most recently from April 2016 we have opened up the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre. I would like to extend my appreciation to Amit & Anne Singh, Maridol Torres, Tahnee MacKenzie, Katie Moran, Simon Upton, Greg & Mel Atzori who initially helped bring this vision forward into reality. We are also fortunate to have other instructors and friends such as Narelle Leahey, Dale MacKenzie. Joshua Seedsman, Jared Crooks and Simon Lemanu who have been lending a valuable hand towards the ongoing success and positive environment held within the Integrated Martial Arts journey.

The Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre is a facility offering a large variety of Martial Arts, Strength and Fitness classes in conjunction with Holistic Wellbeing services. It has become a powerful hub for self-development on many levels within the heart of our shared community.

The Integrated Martial Arts & Development Academy has been an awesome journey and personal experience so far and I have the feeling that it is only going to be enhanced more and to be developed further in a positive direction to be shared and enjoyed by all. Thank you to everyone that has helped me to create and to sustain something that is very special in my life. I really look forward to seeing us all strive with strength and courage to continually reach out for our personal goals, dreams and life aspirations.

"With Strength and Courage we shall all continue to Succeed and Grow"

Within gratitude, unity and friendship From Mick

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Michael Green

(mobile) 0402 992 074 or


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