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The Integrated Development Academy

"Martial Arts is a pathway of developing Inner Strength and Courage"

"Your Heart is Free... Have the Courage to Follow it”

Integrated Martial Arts Team-

The core vision of the Integrated Academy is to provide opportunities for personal growth and development. Within the Integrated Martial Arts Team there is no chain of command or heirarchy, instead there is an environment of equality and mutual respect regardless of any difference in experience and/or skill levels between individuals. It is important that the attitudes, behaviours and actions of the Integrated Academy team members are based upon a strong inner foundation of integrity, valour and humility (both inside and outside of the Martial Arts arena).

We strive to bring out the best in one another. And the best way to bring out the best in another, is to bring out the best in ourselves.

Martial Arts provides an excellent opportunity to build and integrate qualities of inner strength, courage, determination, stability and perseverence on all levels of Being (mind, body & emotions). These integral elements of life can be developed within ourselves as individuals, and also experienced and shared together through unity.

“Martial Arts is not about dedicating your life to your training, it is about dedicating your training to your Life.” ~ Dan Millman

For training details please feel free to contact:

Integrated Martial Arts & Development Academy classes - Hervey Bay/Dundowran area:
* Michael Green - Mobile: 040 299 2074

Integrated MMA Team Management - Hervey Bay/Sunshine Coast/Brisbane area:
* Tony Green - Mobile: 041 979 8094

Tony Green

Height: 5'9 (175 cm)

Fight Weight: 204lb (93kg)

MMA Record: 3 - 2 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw)

Background: Played Rugby League from 8 yrs old to a State level. Wide Bay representative all through Juniors. Left for Brisbane Norths in a Broncos Recruitment Squad from Murgon High School. Awarded Colt of the Year at Brisbane Norths, Played A Grade in the State League the following year for Norths. Played in 3 winning A Grand Finals at the Age of 17, 18 with Murgon and with Kawana Broncos at 23 yrs old. Retired. Took up Bodybuilding in 1995. Won the Nutralife Novice and Sunshine Coast Novice Titles the following year in 1996. After 6 years of bodybuilding competition had won the State Nabba Championships 3 times and Southern Hemisphere Overall Title and competed in the World Championships in Greece.

Tony retired from professional bodybuilding in 2002 to focus on furthering his training with Mixed Martial Arts and has competed in SPARTAN, XTREME FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS and WARRIORS REALM PROMOTIONS. In November 2003 Tony fought for the Australian Light Heavyweight Title and was defeated by Sam Nest in a great fight. In 2004 Tony won his retirement fight in the Warrior's Realm hexagon cage and is now the Manager and Strength and Conditioning Trainer for the Integrated Martial Arts/MMA Team with some of the best MMA fighters in Australia. Throughout Tony's years of experiences, lessons and commitment in pursuing his personal goals he continues to enjoy his journey within the sport of MMA as a trainer and a manager, travelling regularly interstate and visiting other countries whilst encouraging and assisting young athletes to bring out the very best in themselves.

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Michael Green

Height: 6'1 (184cm)

Fight Weight: 177lb (80kg)

MMA Record: 2 - 1- 1 (Win - Loss - Draw)

Beginning at the age of four Mick began his boxing and Martial Arts journey under the guidance of his Father Colin and by the side of his Big Brother Tony. They trained together like this for many years before Mick left home at 17 to pursue a deep calling to learn from many different Martial Arts instructors and mentors. After training for many years within Muay Thai, Hwa Rang Do, Kyokushin and ZenDoKai, Mick ended up residing on the Sunshine Coast area and trained at the Maroochydore Freestyle Martial Arts Club. It was at this Academy that Mick deepened his journey as an instructor and also began to compete in various Martial Arts events and tournaments.

Mick earned his second degree black belt in May of 1999 and later in 2001 Mick was invited to participate in the Pancrase Australia Middleweight tournament in Sydney, in which he was able to defeat both his opponents by KO. Mick subsequently fought in Tokyo in the 2002 Proof Tour before fighting in Brisbane against Luke Picklum in the main event of Ultimate Fight Night. Mick also earned his 3rd degree black belt in March of 2002 and eventually moved to the Fraser Coast area and became the founder of the Integrated Martial Arts Academy and also the Integrated Development Academy in which he teaches a holistic approach to Martial Arts and Personal Development training.

Greg Atzori

Height: 6'0 (183cm)

Fight Weight: 154lb (70kg)

MMA Record: 17 - 7 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw)

Greg has always had a passion for sport, and at four years of age he was already involved in club football, swimming and taekwondo. Greg's enjoyment within these sports was something that was encouraged and supported by his Father from the very beginning, and this helped to plant within him the initial seeds of personal dedication and commitment. When Greg was five, his Father passed away suddenly, which set in motion within Greg a progressive journey of self-discovery and inner strength on each level of mind, body and emotions. Always driven by the memory of his Father's encouragement, Greg continued his sporting pursuits throughout his school years and was able to direct his deep determination and willpower into representative football and basketball.

In 2004 Greg and his wife moved to Hervey Bay and after a few years within various sporting associations he eventually met up with Michael Green and began personal training within the Integrated Martial Arts/Development Academy. Greg felt an immediate affinity within the Academy and through his personal dedication and commitment was able to attain an amazing level of ability within a relatively short period of time. Greg first tested himself as a participant in the 2009 Martial Arts Friendship Challenge event and then later in that same year he was an integral component of the Integrated Academy team who competed at the Gold Coast Martial Arts Challenge. In early 2010 Greg experienced his first MMA cage event for the Tapout Underground MMA Series in which he won by TKO. Greg then went on to have another 5 more matchups within the Underground MMA series, winning them all including the Lightweight Title Belt against Chris Bridgewater.

In June 2011 Greg had his first full Pro fight in the CFC organisation, winning by submission against Shane Wunderberg. Greg is also a regular contender within the FightWorld Cup series having fought on five occasions and is deeply respected not only for his high level of fighting ability but also for his integrity and honour that he continually shares with each of his opponents. In August of 2012 Greg won the FWC Lightweight Title Belt after winning by submission against Nicholai Robin. Since this time Greg has continued on a powerful winning streak including his title defence for the FightWorld Cup and most recently by also securing the Eternal MMA Lightweight title at the Gold Coast with a great victory over his strong opponent.

Throughout the years, Greg's dedicated training regime has also included regular assistance from other trainers in Hervey Bay including Tony Green, Craig Glover, Keith Jennings and most recently Amit Singh. Greg also trains regularly with Dan Higgins, Adrian Pang and Rob Giuffrida at the Integrated MMA gyms in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.
Greg is also an accredited Martial Arts Instructor through MAIA and continually conducts classes which have inspired many others to pursue a dedicated life pathway of inner strength, courage and self-development. Greg brings a distinct level of focus and enthusiasm to each Martial Arts class and the appreciation, respect and humility that he shows to all of his students, coaches, training partners and MMA opponents is without question. Greg's most devout supporters are his wife Melanie and their two young boys, Tarj and Oliver who are with him every step of the way. Greg credits alot of his success to the support of his family, friends, team mates and coaches and is deeply grateful for each new day that arises.


Dale MacKenzie

Height: 6'3 (190cm)

Fight Weight: 170lb (77kg)

MMA Record: 3 - 0 - 1 (Win - Loss - Draw)

Dale's Martial Arts training journey initially began with practicing Judo as a teenager before commenced his training with the Integrated Martial Arts/Development Academy in 2008. In August of 2010 Dale made his debut as an MMA fighter at the Tapout Underground MMA Series in which he was victorious via TKO in the second round. Throughout his journey so far Dale has now had 4 MMA fights and was also able to attain his Integrated MMA Emergence Level 1 Grading in September of 2011. And then 3 months later in December of 2011 Dale also went on to earn his Integrated Martial Arts Academy black belt.

Dale has now recently completed his Martial Arts Instructor induction course in Brisbane and is currently working through the requirements to become a government accredited Martial Arts Instructor through MAIA. Dale also has aspirations to further his MMA fighting career and is looking forward to his future opportunities.

Dale MacKenzie
Dale MacKenzie


Amit Singh

Height: 6'4 (193cm)

Fight Weight: 190lb (86kg)

Fight Record: 24 - 5 - 1 (Win - Loss - Draw)

Amit was born and raised in Fiji. As a young child Amit dealt with his own issues of anger and reached out to Taekwondo. Taekwondo taught him how to control his anger and taught him discipline. Amit was very successful in Fiji as a young boy. He represented Fiji in an international competition for Taekwondo and won a bronze medal which then qualified him for the last battle in Hong Kong to qualify for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, but Amit decided to represent Fiji in Soccer instead. Amit successfully came to Australia on a soccer scholarship visa. Once in Australia Amit met Kru Trent Thomas (White Tiger Mauy Thai) and fell in love with kickboxing and MMA.

Amit had many fights under Kru Thomas and was unstoppable - JWP gave Amit the nick name of 'Mad Turk'. Amit started working as a bouncer and was working three jobs - day time welder, afternoon training and TAFE courses, then in the evenings cleaning and bouncing (and a father of three). At one of the weigh-ins in The Valley, Amit met Ian Jacobs who invited Amit to train at his gym. It was a great experience for Amit training under a world champion and he is very grateful to Ian for all of his coaching and support. It was at Ian's gym where he met Ben Holy, 'Superman'. Ben helped Amit a lot. While training with Ben, Amit met Coach Steve Compton and Sean Hannam. Coach Compton helped Amit with Mauy Thai, boxing, MMA and self-defence. Coach Compton and Sean let Amit train for free, for one year, when Amit was at his lowest point in life. Amit owes a great deal of his life successes to Coach Compton and Sean.

Amit's journey has been full of passion and determination having 30 fights at the peak of his fighting career. Amit now has a passion for coaching others and helping troubled youths as he knows first hand what it's like to be an angry teen and to overcome your own demons and achieve greatness in your life. He also has a passion for teaching women's self defence (awareness) after working on many projects in aboriginal communities dealing with Domestic Violence, alcohol and drug abuse, and boredom fuelled crimes. 

- Qualified boxing coach, judge & referee
- Blue card
- First Aid
- 25 years of Martial Art experience

Biggest passion: 
- Encouraging others to be better human beings and helping to make the world a better place.

Josh Seedsman


Height: 6" (183cm)

Fight Weight: 170lb (77kg)

MMA Record: 3 - 0 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw)

Josh's Martial Arts training began in 2007 after meeting Mick during a period of work experience at the Otto's Fitness World gym. Josh began joining in with the various classes and soon found a natural calling within the journey of Integrated Martial Arts and Self-Development. It was in 2009 that Josh had his first MMA fight during a Martial Arts Challenge event at the Gold Coast, Josh ended up winning the fight in the second round via triangle choke submission. Josh went on to fight again in 2010 during an MMA & Muay Thai event in Hervey Bay and also again in 2011 during the FightWorld Cup 10 event at the Gold Coast. Josh was also able to win both of those fights and has shown a high level of skill and fortitude throughout each of these experiences. Since this time Josh has continued on with his training and has also been involved in Youth Support and Mentorship employment within the community.

Most recently Josh was able to attain his MMA Emergence Level 1 Gryphon Grading and has now also completed his MAIA Instructor Accreditation licence. In conjunction with progressing forward on his path of self-development Josh now also facilitates two weekly MMA & Grappling training sessions and continues to share his skills, mentorship and guidance with each of the students involved.

Josh Gryphon Grading

Panuwat "Chep" Krummel

BJJ Instructor & Hervey Bay Youth Mentor

Chep has studied Martial Arts since 1995 when he initially began training in Tsuji Karate. Chep's Katate training assisted him to create a strong foundation of inner strength, determination and self-discipline. It was five years later when Chep's training experience also branched out into other styles such as Zen Do Kai, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This diversity of training was an integral stage of Chep's journey as it assisted him to progress forward and develop a vast awareness of skills in a variety of Martial Arts disciplines.

It was in 2005 that Chep's Martial Arts and life path also converged with the Integrated Martial Arts Academy. During this stage of his journey Chep trained regularly with both Mick and Tony Green as well as simultaneously training in a variety of other disciplines including Muay Thai with Craig Glover, Boxing with Simon Lemanu, and Jiu Jitsu with Troy Summerfield.

One of Chep's strongest passions has been in helping kids. In 2008 Chep worked as a Youth Pastor for M-City Church and also as a School Chaplain for Scripture Union Qld. Chep has most recently commenced work at the Glendyne Education and Training Center having been employed since the beginning of 2010 as the Youth Support Coordinator. Chep has a natural gift for mentoring, encourageing and helping kids find their potential.

Towards the end of 2010 Chep was one of three Integrated Academy students selected for the inaugural MMA Emergence Level 1 Grading in which he strongly completed all requirements. In 2010 Chep also experienced his first MMA cage event in which he fought a close battle against a skilled opponent in the Tapout Underground MMA event held at the Maryborough showgrounds. And in March 2011 Chep successfully completed his Martial Arts Instructor Accreditation course through the Martial Arts Industry Association. In 2012 Chep began conducting his own Integrated Academy MMA & BJJ class based at the Pialba Boxing & Fitness gym, and eventually began facilitating classes in Hervey Bay as an affiliate of the Peter de Been BJJ Academy. Chep has recently opened up a great new facility in Pialba and remains not only a good friend to all at the Integrated Academy but also an asset in the lives of all students that his life touches.

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Contact: Michael Green on 040 299 2074