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“Martial Arts is very symbolic to some of the most integral components of life,
it is a progressive journey... it requires inner strength, courage and commitment...
and to make the most of the journey it is important to integrate and embody vital
qualities such as humility, patience, resilience, perseverance, integrity and harmony.”

Martial Arts & Self-Development

By becoming involved with Martial Arts training, there will be many goals that each person will have the opportunity to aspire towards regardless of age, gender or culture. And it is through this progressive journey that many important benefits can be gained. Valuable benefits such as an increase in self-esteem and inspiration have a very strong potential to positively impact upon the way in which a person feels about themselves and also the way in which they interact and share with others.

To focus on living a life of positive goal setting and personal development can really be a great way to channel our thoughts and energy in a healthy direction. Definite improvements in both physical and internal strengths will be noticed immediately, which include the development of a heightened level of cardio-vascular fitness, total body flexibility, balance and co-ordination. These and many more very positive personal attributes are continually worked upon throughout each training session.

A special aspect regarding Martial Arts is that of the strong friendships that are formed during the consistent training that involves all club mates and instructors together as a united team. This positive linkage can form a strong foundation of mutual respect and appreciation for others in life, and it is from this positive unity and the sharing of good friendships, that deeper feelings of inner peace and personal happiness are often born. These attributes when all put together can create very important life virtues that will always continue to grow and to blossom both inside and outside of the Academy environment.

Martial Arts can also help to exemplify within an individual a more established sense of personal identity and direction in life. The grading structure that is contained within a Martial Arts system can help to promote an individual’s self-development and personal growth. It is through these kinds of personal commitments towards the completion of important goals in our lives that a strong realisation is formed that we have to first put in the required amount of focused effort, perseverance and patience in order to be able to attain any worthwhile goal or personal achievement in life.

Enhanced levels of inner strength and focus are regularly called upon throughout an individual's personal journey of education and learning, and also as they navigate their way through the various structures of society. A deep level of dedication, passion and commitment is also of course continually needed during all other important aspects of life including our personal relationships, employment and family commitments.

The Martial Way to be sought is the Way Of A Peaceful Warrior. A warrior that will always have the courage to follow their heart and to always reach out for their dreams. To always strive for a peaceful and humane resolution against conflict but to always respond from a place of valour and honour when in the midst of life's difficulties and challenges.

Through personal dedication it is possible for a Martial Arts practitioner (or anyone for that matter) to continually be re-vitalised and uplifted by the spiritual life-force energy that flows through his or her heart, mind & body. In the Martial Arts this spiritual life-force energy is simply referred to as “chi”.

This “chi” can be felt as a regenerative rhythm of energy and vitality that flows through your being, and once familiar with it, a deeper sense of inner balance and harmony within Oneself is attained. The development of this inner connection is what can further actualise a deeper feeling of spiritual calm and focus on the meaningful things in life (family, friendship, gratitude, truth, love & unity). All of these positive attributes that are held within the philosophical foundations of the Martial Arts (and all life) come together and act as a powerful catalyst that activates within us a heightened sense of Oneness, inner strength and resilience. This subsequently inspires and encourages us to awaken to our full potentials as motivated human beings.

With the right guidance (and personal decisions) the Martial Arts practitioner will develop a deepened sense of humility, integrity, honour and respect inside of themselves and towards others. With this approach towards the Martial Arts (and life) a strengthened foundation of Beingness is developed that encourages stability and coherency on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally). And it is often found that these life qualities can be accessed and applied even during stressful situations when we need them the most.

These special character traits are developed through the adage in the Martial Arts to never give up and to always strive to apply our very best efforts in life. And it must be remembered that the intention, integrity and purpose that one carries in their heart and mind whilst travelling along the journey is what is most important. It is not necessarily how fast One arrives at their destination, it is the quality and substance of the journey itself that is key. "In fact the journey
'IS' the destination."

With best wishes to all

From Heart to Heart

~ Michael

"Your Heart is free... have the Courage to follow it"